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Say It Loud

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Say It Loud is a PBS Digital Studios series that celebrates Black culture, context, and history. Hosts Evelyn from the Internets and Azie Dungey give you a comedic take on identity and pop culture, from Black pride movements to Black Twitter shenanigans. The show explores the complexity of Black experience and finds joy in the many ways Black folks have influenced American life.

Say It Loud

S01E08 · “Black sounding” names and their surprising history

What's in a name? Sometimes it's just our imagination, and other times it's an attempt... More

What’s in a name? Sometimes it’s just our imagination, and other times it’s an attempt at a political statement. Black names have been satirized and stereotyped for a long time, but they have a unique and downright surprising history. Azie and Evelyn discuss the history, culture, and influence on “black sounding names.”

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