Earl Dellinger| Vietnam War Veteran


Earl Dellinger's Vietnam War Photos

Earl Dellinger


First Lieutenant, Army Medical Service Corps, U.S. Army

Earl “Sonny” Dellinger served as a First Lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps while in Vietnam. He joined the ROTC in college and from there he went to the Medical Service Corps and the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. His aid station was the first stop for wounded soldiers. 

You would get a call from the field saying that they had a casualty and the medevac helicopter would go out and pick them up, bring them back to the aid station. The medics would take him into the aid station, the doctor with check him out. We would write up what was wrong with him, turn him around, put him back on the helicopter… and send him to the surgical hospital, about a 45 to an hour helicopter flight from where we were. It was mostly gunshot wounds, grenade wounds, explosives.  I mean some of them were very serious and some of them were not as serious. It just depended on whether it was your lucky day or not as to how bad you were hurt.

Coming back home, Dellinger did not have any encounters with protesters or anyone who didn’t support the war.

I didn’t see any of the protesters or anything like that except on television, and I came back to Atlanta where I was from… It’s just been in the last 10 years or so that people have started thanking the Vietnam veterans for their service and that’s the type of thing we never, never saw when we needed it the most.