Associate your business or organization with NPR news and classical music on WABE-FM 90.1, as well as award-winning PBS programming on WPBA-TV 30, when you sponsor programs matched to your needs.

Sponsorship messages on WABE and WPBA provide a way to reach Atlanta’s most discriminating audiences. Are your desired listeners professionals, corporate decision makers, or college graduates? Are they parents, children or seniors? WABE and WPBA have programming that attracts these unique and diverse audiences.

Check out the following facts:

WABE 90.1FM is

  • Atlanta’s only source for NPR News and information including Morning Edition, Marketplace and All Things Considered
  • The #2 ranked News and Information station during drive time in the market*
  • The only full-time classical music source for more than 4.9 million Georgians
  • The community’s only radio source for cultural and fine arts information *(Source: Arbitron PPM 2010)

PBA 30 is

  • Atlanta’s source for award-winning PBS programming including This Old House, Sesame Street and Antiques Roadshow
  • The media outlet designed to enrich the lives of all Atlantans through quality programs and education services that inform, enliven and entertain
  • A local, vital and trusted community service

Event Marketing is

  • An effective way to reach your customers one-on-one
  • The opportunity to be involved with great promotions
  • A way to be associated with both the NPR and PBS product


Jared Blass

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