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Sustaining Members

Thank you for being a Sustaining Member of Public Broadcasting Atlanta.

At Public Broadcasting Atlanta, we believe that our role is fundamental in building the beloved community to which we aspire.

We appreciate all the support we receive from our community.  But there is amongst our supporters a select group of listeners who have taken their commitment beyond the ordinary by becoming Sustainers.

You are a very important part of our organization, and we thank you for your long-term commitment to this work.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being a Sustainer is knowing that you belong to a group of people who help support programming that speaks to your values. You also share our belief in the importance of sustaining public radio and television for Atlanta.

We are committed to building bridges between our Public Broadcasting Atlanta community and the diverse communities of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Again, thank you for your continued support!

Reasons to Support WABE:  

I love Guy Raz and the TED radio hour!  I also use the NPR app to get latest news and listen to other programming as well. Thank you!  

-J.D. Harris   


I was afraid of Prairie Home Companion changing. My fears were assuaged. The new host Chris Thile is awesome. 

- M. Halpner


We like the NewsHour, NPR (the news shows in the morning and afternoon). We also like some of the specials and science shows. 

- Stan & Donna Eastman


We want to hear from you!

Sustaining Members are an essential part of PBA. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what inspired you to become a Sustainer, what your favorite programs are, and what you love most about WABE and PBA30. Share your thoughts in the box below, and we may feature it here!  

For more information about your Sustaining Membership, please contact Debra Roberts, Sustainer Manager, at

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