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Denis O'Hayer's 2016 Election Recap

WABE's "Morning Edition" host Denis O'Hayer recently shared his perspective on WABE's coverage during the election in the Sustainer Donor Report. Here's the full version of that commentary. Denis O'Hayer

2016 was certainly a polarized and noisy election year. And we certainly brought those voices and sounds to our coverage. But we wanted to go above and beyond that, to give our listeners clear, calm analysis, fact-checking and perspective. We focused on the role of Atlanta and Georgia in the campaign, and how our region and state would be affected by the outcome.

So, of course we followed the local and national candidates. But we also pursued the people who make campaigns happen. And, most important of all, we listened to the voices of voters, including those not often heard.

The result: At any time on air and on our website, you could find one-of-a-kind stories and interviews. To name just a few:

Elly Yu’s conversations with refugees voting for the first time, and immigrant students wondering if the election results meant they might have to leave the country.

"Morning Edition" conversations with GOP national committee member Randy Evans, taking listeners behind the delegate selection process; Trump advisor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; Democratic and Republican members of Congress; and State House Democratic leader Stacey Abrams about the next steps for her party after the election.

Extensive features on the constitutional amendments facing voters: Martha Dalton’s series on the Opportunity School District; Elly Yu’s reports on the overhaul of the state’s judicial watchdog agency; Lisa Hagen’s stories about the proposed state fee on strip clubs as part of the fight against child sex trafficking.

"Morning Edition"brought listeners the first in-depth conversations with two new county leaders after they had won their elections: Cobb County Commission Chairman Mike Boyce and DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond.

"Morning Edition"provided thoughtful and entertaining analysis from two people who have been on the inside of winning campaigns. The regular Political Breakfast featured Republican strategist Brian Robinson and Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson.

Perhaps the most fun of all came on the November night, just before the election, when we brought the Political Breakfast to a live evening event at WABE. Tharon and Brian gave the studio audience a lively exchange on the local and national campaigns, and they listened to questions and ideas from the people who came to see them. 

And we worked with other trusted media partners to bring our listeners a depth of understanding they couldn’t find anywhere else:

PolitiFact Georgia editor Jim Tharpe of the Atlanta Journal-Constitutiongave regular fact-checks of statements made by candidates in Georgia and around the nation.

WABE worked with the Atlanta Press Club to host the debates among the candidates for chair of the Cobb County Commission

The national program "This American Life" came to WABE to work on their story about the proposed constitutional amendment to restructure the state’s Judicial Qualifications Commission. Their story relied heavily on interviews done by WABE’s Elly Yu.

Johnny Kauffman produced pieces for NPR and for American Public Media’s "Marketplace" on the cost of registering voters.

And a big highlight: Steve Inskeep co-hosted the national broadcast of "Morning Edition"from the WABE studios for two days, as part of NPR’s Divided States series.  He listened to the thoughts of local voters from different points of view and joined WABE’s "Morning Edition"host Denis O’Hayer for a conversation about the role of media in the election.

Every national election year is unique. But 2016 was truly extraordinary. And we at WABE were honored and proud to have the trust of so many listeners, who depended on us to produce coverage as extraordinary as the year itself.


What Do You Love About WABE & PBA30 Programming?

I love Guy Raz and the TED radio hour!  I also use the NPR app to get latest news and listen to other programming as well. Thank you!  

-J.D. Harris   


I was afraid of Prairie Home Companion changing. My fears were assuaged. The new host Chris Thile is awesome. 

- M. Halpner


We like the NewsHour, NPR (the news shows in the morning and afternoon). We also like some of the specials and science shows. 

- Stan & Donna Eastman


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