Callanwolde Aeolian Pipe Organ

Owning and maintaining a Pipe organ is a labor of love — an expensive and time consuming activity normally reserved for Churches and Theaters. Wealthy individuals 100 years ago often installed orchestral pipe organs in their homes, a kind of ‘rich mans stereo’.

Coca Cola Heir Charles Candler designed and built Callanwolde around the organ. It has 3,742 pipes in four specially built chambers of the house. The music it creates is sent from the attic to the various rooms of the house through sound chutes.

Major restoration of the organ began in 1985 and was completed in 1993 thanks to the Callanwolde Guild, a dedicated group of volunteers who raise the money needed to service and maintain the organ and the house. Today the organ is used for dances, weddings and to accompany silent movies. Ron Carter, the House Organist talked to us about the silent movies. “After ten minutes you should be so engrossed in the movie that you’ve forgotten that I’m even here. Then I know that I’ve done my job”.

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