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Behind the Scenes at Medieval Times

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationThe first recorded jousting tournament was held in France in 1066. Almost 950 years later, people can still relive those days of yore. Located inside Discover Mills in Lawrenceville, Medieval Times is an 11th century dinner theater.

Patrons are served a meal by “serfs” and “wenches.” There are no utensils here; everyone eats with their bare hands. The entertainment is an authentic medieval tournament, featuring horse dressage, a variety of skill games, and a jousting tournament.

Becoming a knight in the show is no easy task. The training process is extensive, and authentic to the medieval era.

Newcomers to the program start as a squire. While training to become a knight, they must do basic chores and assist the knights in practice and competition. After months of training with the weapons and horses, squires can achieve the rank of knight and participate in the tournament. It’s a challenge, but one the knights say keeps them humble.

The Atlanta Castle is one of only nine in North America.

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