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Kinetic Art: Sculpture in Motion

Kinetic art is art that depends on motion for its effect. The motion can be provided in many ways - through wind, electricity or by relying on a bystander to provide power, such as cranking a handle. Wind power, solar power, sound waves and even human energy are used to create beautiful movement that changes over time. 

"Sculpture in Motion" was a 2008 exhibition of kinetic art at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 16 of the most prominent kinetic artists showed 25 different kinetic sculptures that harness the forces of nature.

“Installations were starting to happen in the 60’s and 70’s when I was beginning and I think that really influenced me”, artist Kristina Lucas told us. “I’m not really content to make a little object that just sits there but something that you can immerse yourself in and walk around and be a part of is just more interesting.”

Susan Pascal Beran told us about the appeal of the unpredictable. “I love wind motion and water motion when it is most random because it gives my sculptures the depth of an ever changing composition and an ever changing dance. It also reflects the flow of the planet. It’s like riding a wave - you just have to be there in the moment and I think that’s what my sculptures do. They just allow the viewer to release and relax and get outside their stressful little worlds.”


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