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From Dublin to Decatur: Irish Music at The Marlay House

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationWhen the Comer siblings opened up the pub that would eventually become The Marlay House, they hoped to recreate a bit of their native Ireland in Decatur. The missing piece came in the form of several local musicians who quickly became a fixture.

Every Tuesday night, guitarists, fiddlers, and pipers come to the Marlay around 8 pm for a seisiún, a gathering of musicians playing traditional Irish tunes. Later in the evening, as more musicians arrive, other styles creep into the repertoire, and the group ventures into the blues, gypsy swing, and more.

Because the caliber of musicianship is fairly high, the seisiún isn’t really open to anyone who wants to bring an instrument; this isn’t open-mic night. In fact, there are no microphones at all. The unamplified music provides the perfect, authentic musical backdrop for a night at the pub with friends.

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