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Watch Goats vs. Kudzu on the Atlanta BeltLine from PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationGoats vs. Kudzu on the Atlanta BeltLine

If you have a kudzu problem who are you gonna call? Traditionally you might use herbicides to wipe it out, but Trees Atlanta has taken an alternative approach on the Beltline. They built a holding pen around the kudzu and let a herd of goats eat it all.

Boulevard Crossing is a new 22-acre park on the Atlanta BeltLine, and the goats cleared out a five acre patch in about 4 weeks. Once a day, Trees Atlanta would come out to feed the guard dogs and change the water. The rest of the time they leave the goats alone to do what they do best.

“It’s been great having all the goats out here,” Blake Watkins told us. “It certainly gets people a lot more excited than spraying herbicides."


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