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Dixie Dock Dogs

Most dogs love to fetch, jump and swim. That explains the popularity of dock diving. Promoted in 2000 as a “filler” event at the ESPN games, dock diving has grown rapidly into a nationwide phenomenon. And in 2008, the Dixie Dock Dogs organization brought the sport to the South.

There are three events that dogs can participate in:

  1. Extreme Vertical — the dogs jump vertically from the end of the dock and try to grab a bumper suspended over the water. The highest jump wins.
  2. Speed Retrieve — the dog is timed as it races down the dock and swims out to retrieve a bumper from the end of the pool. The fastest time wins.
  3. Big Air — The dog simply has to leap as far as it can from the end of the dock before splashing down in the water. This is the most popular event because it’s the easiest to get started in. You simply throw a favorite toy off the end of the dock and your dog leaps off to retrieve it. There are only 3 rules. The toy must float, it must not be edible and it must not be alive.

While it’s competitive, it’s not human competitive. The dogs enjoy swimming and retrieving their toy while the owners are really just along for the ride. As one person told us, “It’s just a blast every time you get on the dock."

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