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City Gardens

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationA city’s green space consists of more than just parks. Urban agriculture is growing in popularity, especially with the recent addition of a garden at the White House.

City gardens can range from backyard vegetable patches all the way to farms tucked away in city neighborhoods.

At This Is Atlanta, we wanted to explore a kind of urban agriculture that brings people together — community gardens.

A community garden can start out as simply as a few plots and some pooled resources, or they can grow to include classes, nature trails, and even chicken coops. Our story features these:

  • The Oakhurst Community Garden began as a grass-roots environmental education center and added gardening plots at the request of neighborhood residents.

  • The Sullivan Center Community Garden is a project of a community center in the Capitol View Manor neighborhood and offers gardening plots as well as agricultural education programs for children.

  • Nearby, local residents were concerned over unlawful activity in a vacant lot. That lot has become the Capitol View Community Garden.

  • Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farm isn’t a community garden per se. It’s an example of community supported agriculture, or CSA, where a handful of farmers produce food for subscribing community members.

  • Grant Park Paradise Alley Garden was recently started by a group of neighbors who cleared some over-grown land along a back alley.

Organizations such as the Atlanta Community Food Bank and UGA's Atlanta Urban Gardening Program help support community gardens in the city, and, in turn, the gardens give back.

Produce from participants in the Atlanta Urban Gardening Program help feed the homeless at the Peachtree - Pine Shelter, and the ACFB’s Plant a Row for the Hungry program facilitates donations of fresh fruits and vegetables from urban farmers.

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