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Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationIt’s not hard to guess where Chicago Joe Jones grew up, but while he cut his musical teeth in the Windy City, he now calls Atlanta home. He plays blues and rock gigs in clubs and restaurants around town, sometimes seven nights a week, but his days are spent sharing his musical knowledge with others.

Joe’s guitar and bass students come to Midtown Music in Decatur for their weekly lessons, but the test takes place the first Thursday of the month at Maddy’s Rib & Blues Joint.

That’s where Joe invites his students to join him on stage to go through a few tunes in front of a packed house. He’s found that the public performance is an added incentive for his students to do their “guitar homework.”

For the students, the monthly jam is a chance to shine. For the parents, friends, and music fans, it’s a recital for the rock and roll era - with the added bonus of barbecue and beer!

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