Cafe 458

“Nouveau-Southern comfort food with a twist” is the term used to describe the scrumptious gourmet brunch served on week-ends at Café 458 located on Edgewood Avenue in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical District in Atlanta. When patrons dine at Café 458, they are not just feeding themselves; they are feeding countless men and woman of metro Atlanta who are homeless.

Proceeds from the week-end brunch, including the tip, actually go to offset the daily operating expenses of Café 458 and its parent organization- Samaritan House of Atlanta, Inc. Samaritan House provides job training, housing, and other support for the homeless in Atlanta suffering from drug addiction, mental health problems, and severe physical disabilities.

Café 458 is not a fancy name for a “soup kitchen”; it is indeed, a restaurant. In order to dine as a guest at Café 458, one must be referred by a partner social service agency such as Grady Hospital, Mercy Mobile Health Program Community Outreach Services or St. Jude’s. Upon referral, a guest can order a warm nutritious lunch from the menu and have it served to them by the attentive wait staff of Café 458. The wait staff consists of volunteers and graduates of the self-sufficiency programs offered to the homeless by Samaritan House.

Cafe 458 guests also gain access to a clothing closet, laundry facility, secure storage space for personal belongings, counseling, voice mail, telephone access, a mailing address, etc. It is the mission of Samaritan House to help the homeless achieve self-sufficiency in an atmosphere of dignity, accountability, and respect. Graduates of a Samaritan House program, typically find full-time employment as well as permanent housing.

There are about 12,000 homeless men and women in Atlanta, only 4000 are chronically homeless. Negative financial circumstances or domestic violence circumstances is what put most people on the street. Consider eating at Café 458 for your good deed for today. Week-end brunch is served to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am — 2:00pm.

Café 458 relies heavily on volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering, or want more information on this organization, visit their website at

For more information about Samaritan House, visit their website

Samaritan House
P.O. Box 89125
Atlanta, GA 30312
Ph.: 404-523-1239 Fax: 404-681-1592
Sherrie Snipes-Williams, Executive Director

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