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Brook Run Skate Park

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationSkateboarding has a bad reputation. Long regarded as the sport of rebels and misfits, it came of age when kids would scale fences to skate in empty pools or drainage ditches.

And then there was street skating, a sure way to run afoul of law enforcement, parents, or property owners if there ever was one.

But skating has come a long way. “Now, it’s like little-league,” says Raymondo Vaughn, a skater since the 70s, and now an employee at Dekalb County’s Brook Run Skate Park.

Proud parents cheering on their kids are a common sight at skate parks like Brook Run, and whole families pack lunches and come down for the tournaments. Other skate parks, both public and also for-profit, have proliferated around the country, and enthusiasm among young skaters is at a peak.

You’ll even see some of the earlier generations still skating, although a little less rebellious and with a little more gray hair. And, often, they even have their own kids with them as they pass on the insider knowledge that might result in fewer bumps, bruises and scrapes in the long run. Strangely enough, skateboarding has become a great way to keep the kids out of trouble.

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