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Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationIs professional wrestling just not extreme enough for you?

Does the level of violence fall short of your minimum standards?

Do the foul language, broad stereotypes, and sexual innuendo that offend so many not even register on your radar? Then BRAWL! may be for you.

BRAWL! combines improv comedy and wrestling into an outrageous stage show at Dad’s Garage Theatre.

Scott Warren, who fills the role of ring announcer Cowboy Ross Gordon, ponders the central question behind BRAWL!; “Wrestling itself is already so close to being a parody, so how do you out-parody something that’s already ridiculous?”

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationIn the case of BRAWL, you do it by escalating the carnage to cartoonish proportions, inflating stereotypes to ridiculous levels, and throwing in fire, nudity, and foul language that would make Vince McMahon blush. Needless to say, BRAWL is not for everybody.

BRAWL closed in 2007, but Dad’s Garage continues to present outrageous improv comedy weekly as well as original theatre throughout the year. 


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