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Crossroads Community Ministries

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationHomeless is prevalent throughout the United States and Atlanta is not immune to its plight. The population in Atlanta’s homeless community can vary from 7,000-12,000 on any given day.

Within the homeless community however, there is a beacon of light; and it’s coming from Crossroads Community Ministries. They are on a mission to make the homeless no more by providing a hot meal in addition to guidance and supportive services necessary to help those desiring to lead productive and meaningful lives.

Volunteers are the backbone to the success of Crossroads Community Ministries. Every day, they come to the Crossroads kitchen to help set up and serve meals to Atlanta’s homeless under the direction of Clyde Corbin, who’s been with the ministry for 15 years. Within the next few months Clyde will have served 2 million meals to Atlanta’s homeless population.

However, Clyde’s cooking is so popular among the homeless that the demand for his great stew out-weighs their capacity to provide it.

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationOther services provided by Crossroads are:

  • The Renewal Project, a three-month self-sufficiency program. Angels over Atlanta, an extended self-sufficiency program for the homeless who are physically disabled or mentally impaired
  • Atlanta Cooks, a 6-month food service training program.
  • A daily medical clinic staffed by Saint Joseph’s Mercy Mobile
  • The Courtland Street Mission, a Bible study and counseling program
  • Mailroom services to help guests establish an address so they can get identification cards, food stamps or assistance checks, voter registration cards and personal mail
  • The Help Office, for housing, employment, legal issues, clothing, etc.

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