Cotton States Cat Club

In 1938 Mary Kate Carroll and Gladys Donaldson formed the Cotton States Cat Club with 12 cat lovers and held their first show at the Atlantan Hotel. This year (2008) the Club had its 70th consecutive annual Cat Show at the Gwinnett Center with approximately 350 cats in various competitions including best of breed, feline agility and a fancy dress competition!

Connie Wardlaw, the Club’s Secretary explains the appeal of cats this way. “I like cats because they are independent. They do their own thing. You can train them to do certain things but they are their own person.”

Cyndi Lewis, the Club and Show Treasurer, agrees. “If you pat a dog on the head he doesn’t care who you are, he’s going to love you forever but with a cat you really have to earn the love and the trust and the respect.”

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