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180 Degree Kitchen180 Degree Kitchen on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS Station

The 180 Degree Kitchen is a culinary arts program for young people, ages 18-25. While most students are predominately from the inner-city, it’s open to any young adults who seek to create better futures for themselves through the restaurant industry.

Equipped with the building blocks of a culinary career, students will move on to externships with participating restaurants.

180 Degree Kitchen on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationA program of the City of Refuge, a Christian ministry on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in Atlanta, the Kitchen is more than a cooking school. The food prepared by the students goes to feed the hungry and homeless, and money earned through the Kitchen’s outside catering services helps fund the program.

Normally, 180 degrees isn’t enough to cook anything really well, but these young chefs know that it’s enough to turn your life around.

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