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The Bottle Project

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The Bottle Project

Constructed primarily of recycled water bottles, this sculpture creates a larger conversation about the use of water and the public conscious of the current drought in Atlanta. This collaborative project creates a multi-level entry point of education and participation, as well as underscores the power of art to direct social change. In an active collection effort, residents of Atlanta contributed the raw material for this piece by amassing over 5,000 cast-away bottles.

The Bottle Project attempts to create visual dialogue between the sculpture itself and the park's stream. The work acknowledges waterways as the primary vector of travel for the plastic pollution that ultimately ends up in the ocean. The artists also explore the layered histories of use, function, and accumulation of plastic to further activate public space in the hopes of creating a larger conversation about sustainability and daily practice.

The project is supported by a strong vision and trust. The team collaborated with Atlanta Recycles, the City of Atlanta Recycling Commission, the Georgia Student University Student Center, the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University, and Georgia State Student Housing. For more information click here.

Pam Longobardi

A Professor of Art at Georgia State University, Pam Longobardi works internationally and has been awarded the NY Arts Beijing Residency during the 2008 Olympics. Her work is represented by Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta., 

Craig Dongoski

Craig Dongoski is an artist living and creating in Atlanta whose work is a continuous and ongoing exploration of the self. He is a permanent faculty member at Georgia State University. Dongoski is actively exhibiting in the United States and in 

Joe Peragine

Joe Peragine works with a variety of materials with a focus on sculpture and digital investigations. Peragine has received grants from The Ford Foundation, The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the Fulton County Arts Commission. He is represented locally by Solomon Projects.

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