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Have you ever taken the time to look at the many posters, flyers and other information on the walls of your child’s school? Like most parents, I occasionally take time to read a word or two, I rarely pay a whole lot of attention to all of the information. Well, today I decided to take a few extra moments to really read the posters, and I noticed a few things:

  1. The posters weren’t only strategically placed, they provided extremely useful information.
  2. They encourage parents to emphasize and reinforce the information, and,
  3. Most of the information on the posters isn’t always about academics, although there is a connection.

Many of these posters address subjects such as staying in school, reading more, abstinence, avoiding alcohol, getting help with school work, using manners, and other topics parents have a hard time talking about with kids. So, I got a great idea. Not only can school posters be used to assist teachers and other school staff, they can be great conversation starters for parents. For example, I saw a poster that stated, Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. If this poster is in your child’s school and you’re trying to get your child to read more, you may ask if he saw the poster. Ask what he thinks it means, and use the opportunity to begin a conversation about why it’s important to read every day.

One day, when you have a chance to leisurely walk through the school building, take a few moments to read the information on the posters. Sometimes solutions to the hardest problems can be found in the simplest ways.

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