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Index cards have become a forgotten, small piece of wonder. Several years ago, it wasn’t rare for people to walk around with index cards or small pieces of papers to write thoughts, directions, or general information. However, with the invention of the Blackberry and mini digital tape recorder, you rarely see anyone using an index card or a small piece of paper. However, for teaching, they still are small wonders.

Teaching your child to use index cards can be one of the best academic tips you can give.

  1. Index cards can be used to take short notes during lectures. Each index card should contain one concept, definition or content area.
  2. They can be used to separate information from the text into small groups of information. This makes specific items easier to study.
  3. They are helpful when memorizing information. Writing the information down helps increase memory.
  4. Index cards can be used to make flash cards for all subjects.
  5. They can be used to outline book or other reports or papers, and even to keep track of newly learned information. And finally,
  6. Index cards make great study guides.

Although the list can go on and on, I believe you get the point. Using index cards can be great for students of all ability levels. Encourage your child to make them and use them. They can be taken anywhere and kept neatly out of sight when not being used. We use them in the car and at the restaurant, so my daughter is never without something to read or study, and she doesn’t have to carry her books with her. Resurrecting the lost art of using index cards can work wonders for your child’s study skills. Just ask the teacher.

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