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A couple of days ago, I read an article titled, Global Businesses of the Future Require Global Students. Although, the term global business isn’t new, the article called into question whether we’ve been doing everything possible to ensure that today’s students are prepared to face this type of business world. School districts are reviewing and revising curricula, standards and graduation requirements, in order to meet the future needs of business. However, it’s also important to make sure that the future needs of your child are being met, in order for him to compete in this global business arena.

As you may have noticed, high school curricula aren’t as vocationally saturated as they once were. They are now focused on high level academics and technology. Graduation requirements are changing and students no longer have an option of taking high level Math courses or foreign language. If they expect to attend college, it’s almost mandatory. Since many colleges are very heavy in the area of technology, knowing how to utilize multiple aspects of the computer, prior to application, is critical.

In order to help your child prepare for the world she’ll face post high school graduation, be sure to encourage her to not only pursue the sciences and mathematics, but also continue to be involved in languages and creative arts. Since American students are competing with both American and International students for college acceptance, high academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement are very important.

Although you have heard this many times, it can’t be stated too often, children must begin preparing for their future when they enter preschool. The world is constantly changing and the requirements for the workforce are expanding every year. As Darwin once said, It’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent — but the one most responsive to change. We must prepare our children to survive in this ever changing world.


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