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Student Resumes

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Carl Sandberg once said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” As students begin to prepare for graduation and college, they’re also preparing to fulfill a dream. The job they do of selling themselves to the college of choice, may determine how much of the dream comes true.

As adults, we’re all too familiar with developing and presenting resumes when applying for jobs. When you prepare your resume, you’re trying to do the best job possible of selling your skills to an employer. Well, when students are applying to college, they need to do the same thing, and the best way to do this is with a student resume. However, they can’t prepare a resume if they don’t have anything to put on it. So, preparation should begin in the 9th grade.

Students, of course, should be encouraged to take the right courses and get good grades, preferably A’s and B’s. They also should be encouraged to get involved in other activities such as sports, the band, student government, or an academic club. All of these look good on a resume. Since the resume will include tests scores, such as the SAT, students should begin preparing for the test as early as 7th grade. They can take the PSAT, and as many practice tests as they want. Colleges don’t need to see the results of these tests. However, taking them early and more than once will allow your child to become comfortable with the format and test items.

Finally, when developing the student resume, your child should include his mission statement. What’s his dream? Why does he believe that he would be a good fit for this college? Does he plan to attend graduate school? Remember, the purpose of the resume is for your child to make the best impression possible to a college admission’s officer. So, the mission statement should be a well developed and thought out paragraph. The mission statement and resume should make a college feel that they’d be at a loss if they didn’t admit your child. Student resumes are a great idea to help your child accomplish his college dreams.


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