Helping With Homework

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One of the major complaints that I hear from teachers is that some students and some parents don’t understand the importance of homework. According to research, children are more likely to succeed when their families actively support them. Of course, we’re familiar with the basics, reading to children, talking to teachers on a regular basis, and participating or attending school related activities. However, the majority of parents shy away from one of the most important activities of a child’s day, homework.

However, there’s only so much that can be accomplished in a school day. Also, without practice, mastering new or different information can be very difficult. That’s why the practice of assigning homework may be here forever. Unfortunately, many children either don’t complete their homework, or complete it incorrectly because they don’t read the directions, have forgotten the information, don’t understand what’s expected, or just need some help.

Having expertise in every subject isn’t a prerequisite for helping your child with homework. Sometimes, showing interest and reviewing assignments are enough. Children also need a specific place to complete homework that is free from distractions, and where you can watch them. When children get older, study partners sometimes help. However, this isn’t recommended for younger children.

Don’t be afraid of homework. Teachers will explain the information to parents and assist as much as necessary, and while you are helping your child with homework, you may learn a few things yourself.

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