Is Education Being Replaced

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The other day, I read a survey that listed some pretty interesting statements and asked you to either agree or disagree. A few of the statements were:

  • A four-year college degree is the minimum education needed for a long-term career.
  • Middle and upper level corporate management positions require an MBA. and,
  • Everyone should study a wide range of subjects including Science, Math, Philosophy, languages, History, and the arts in college.

These were pretty easy to agree or disagree, however, there was one statement that caused me to really think about my answer. The statement was:

  • Sometimes I feel that education has been replaced by entertainment and computer games.

Most of us are aware of the data on children and television or video games. However, this is the first time that I have read that it may be replacing education. If you really stop and think about it, it may be true.

Many parents think that children are educated only while they are attending school, or that they are educated only by what’s in a text book. However, if you consider that learning is a lifelong or even a daylong process, you may understand why this statement made me pause. For example, your child comes home from school, what is the first thing that he does? Watch television? Complete homework? Play video games? Even if your child completes her homework first, there are still many other opportunities for her to obtain knowledge, before she goes to sleep.

Education takes planning, both in and out of school. You have to create opportunities to help your child learn. Children can learn Math, Language, Spelling and other skills just by watching or helping you cook, do laundry, pay bills or other everyday activities.

Education can occur during most aspects of a child’s life. However, playing video games or watching television, unless it is something educational, doesn’t add much academically, and research has shown that television provides less than 25% of the vocabulary and information than what’s provided in books and magazines. I would like to challenge you to observe your child’s out of school activities and ask yourself, is this activity replacing my child’s opportunity to learn. If it is, get rid of it, or at least reduce it to a bare minimum.

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