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Getting Ready For School

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A couple of days ago, I read an article about plagiarism and how it’s now causing problems in high schools. Typically, when you think about students plagiarizing their term papers, you think that only happens at the college level. Well, with the increased use of computers and the internet, students have more access to information, which makes it easier to use someone else’s words in their papers.

This article talked about computer programs that are designed to detect plagiarism, and it stated that close to 12 billion web sites, 10,000 periodicals, thousands of books and nearly 40 million student papers are available to one search engine that seeks to find whether a paper has been plagiarized. However, this article also talked about the reasons that student’s plagiarize work

Some of the reasons given by students for plagiarizing, such as waiting to the last minute to write the paper or not doing the research necessary to write the paper, were pretty expected. However, in many instances, students plagiarize because either they believe that their writing skills are deficient, or they don’t know how to cite information correctly.

Although writing samples are required for many high school graduation tests, and of course the SAT, many parents complain that their children don’t have the opportunity to write on a regular basis. High school students typically have many opportunities to conduct research and write. However, if you are concerned about your child’s writing skills, you should not wait for them to improve. You should contact the teacher immediately. Teachers can assist with tutorials and providing more practice writing requirements. And as parent, you can encourage them to write. You can look up information on the internet with them, or ask them to read a book and write about it. Most students love to solve problems. Give them a problem that can only be solved if they research the information.

If you child is not sure about documenting quotes and other information in a term paper, there are many books available at the library or book store that can help. Also, some of the search engines that have been designed to catch plagiarism, can also be used to show students where they many need to document citations or include information as a quote.


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