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With all of the recent information regarding children and the web, it’s easy to understand why some parents are a bit cautious about allowing their children to go online. I know parents who have disconnected internet service to their home computers, as well as parents who allow their children to search alone, only to view the sites that were visited after their child has gone to bed. Since the computer holds such a wealth of knowledge and it’s been said that the greatest risk children face online is being denied access, parents need to know how to safely allow children to surf the web. Since the Internet can be an essential educational and employment tool, parents need to know how to help their children safely search the internet.

Following are some basic rules for parents to remember when kids are surfing the web.

  1. Remind children to keep personal information personal.

  2. Give children a set amount of time to use the computer each day.

  3. Talk to your children about what they are doing on the internet.

  4. Keep the computer in a central location or somewhere that you can easily observe what is on the screen.

  5. Surf with your child.

  6. Allow your child to ask questions about things are viewed on the internet..

  7. Monitor kids when they are in chat rooms.

  8. Learn the terminology that kids use when they are in chat rooms.

  9. Help your child find a balance between web surfing and other activities.

  10. Chat with their “online friends” just as you would their other friends.

  11. Warn them that people may not be truthful on the web.

  12. Make sure that the parents of your child’s friends share the same concerns and cautions about the internet.

Keeping kids safe on the internet is as important as keeping them safe at school, in the car or any other area. Developing rules and monitoring your child’s computer use is essential to keeping them safe on the web.

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