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According to research, one in every four students in preschool through high school receives some sort of tutoring. Over the past four years, the number of students receiving tutoring has grown 12 to 15 percent each year. Almost any student interested in receiving tutoring can receive it. However, with so many types of tutoring available, it may be a little difficult to navigate the tutorial maze.

Prior to the rise in the number of students receiving tutoring, many parents considered tutoring a luxury for the children of affluent parents, or children who attended private schools. With the many forms of tutoring available, students with family incomes at any level can receive the needed assistance.

As you begin to navigate this tutorial maze, the first step is to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Why does my child need tutoring?

  2. What time of day is my child available to receive tutoring?

  3. What is the best location for my child to receive tutoring?

The second step is to decide what type of tutoring is most appropriate for your child. This step may be a little confusing because there are many types of tutoring to choose from. You have school based tutoring. Tutoring during the school day, after school tutoring, center based tutoring and home based tutoring, just to name a few. The third step is to decide how much tutoring is needed and for how much time. The fourth step deals with deciding if you want free tutoring or if you want to pay for it.

Moving through this maze can be a little scary because you want to select the most appropriate tutoring for your child. If your child is having difficulty in a certain area and you choose the wrong form of tutoring, this can make the problem worse. Therefore, as you move through the maze, ask the person who can help you the most. That is your child’s teacher. The teacher has knowledge of your child’ strengths and weaknesses, and what skills need improvement or strengthening.

Regardless of which type of tutoring you choose, repetition of skills and more time to practice and master information are both ways to improve your child’s skills. Tutoring offers both of these. Many parents already know this since more than 6 million students are expected to receive tutoring this year.


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