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Felice Sharp

Watch This Is Atlanta on PBA30 Atlanta's PBS StationFelice Sharp is a dancer turned artist. “Art is the very soul of who we are,” says Felice. She grew up around old world English and French oils as well as etchings and lithographs dating from the 1700s.

As a dancer, Felice enjoyed “doodling” behind stage to calm her “jitters”. But when it came to choosing a life path, she chose art and trained at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Felice is a disciplined artist who works every day in the garage of her townhouse. She is also a yoga instructor. The influence of yoga in Felice’s work can be seen in the fluid movement, and graceful lines captured in the images she creates. The figures she draws are suggestive, not detailed, and always strike peaceful poses.

When first looking at a piece by Felice, colors appear to be simple, but on further exploration reveal themselves to be complex constructs of texture in addition to color.

Her pieces are created with a technique called “encaustic." Beeswax and pigment to are subjected to rubbing and scraping. Layers of paint and surface textures yield to her cloth as she moves it vigorously over the surface.

The surface quickly acquires a luminous, rich quality, and other colors and/or figures emerge from beneath the surface. Felice’s work reflects the unique spirituality she possesses. Her work is collected in Atlanta, widely across the Southeast, and can be seen in art galleries around metro Atlanta such as Mason Murer Fine Art and The Lowe Gallery.


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