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Global (Contemporary) American Cuisine.

870 North Highland Avenue, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
Ph. (404) 897-3463

Owners: Chef Sheri Davis, Bryan Wilson

Chef Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis began her cooking career at the “Award-Winning” Sanford restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the tutelage of Chef Sandy D’amato. After spending several years at the Sanford Restaurant, Davis’s quest for perfection took her to San Francisco for a year where she practiced her craft at a variety of restaurants from French to Mediterranean. To her amazement, a lot of the chefs and cooks had cooked in New York City so she left San Francisco to explore opportunities in New York City.

Upon arrival, she trailed at many restaurants and landed a job at the Quilted Giraffe, a four-star restaurant known for its innovative culinary creations. The Quilted Giraffe eventually closed and Sheri needed to find work. She “hit the pavement” and worked many days for free, but gained lots of experience. She later accepted a job offer with Le Bernadine with great expectations. Fourteen months later, Chef Eric Ripert asked her to be opening sous chef for a new restaurant in Atlanta— Brassiere Le Coze. Sheri packed up her belongings; headed south and spent the next year and a half giving the restaurant business her all then decided to take a break. After a long road trip, she accepted a sous chef position with Justin Ward and Bryan Wilson for the opening of Harvest Restaurant. Upon leaving Harvest, Sheri gave birth to a baby boy and did freelance work at home. A year later, she was asked by Bryan Wilson to open a restaurant with him and along came the restaurant named Dish.

Located in Virginia-Highlands, this popular restaurant has been “wowing” its customers for 7 years. During this time, Sheri has been published in two printings of “Sugar Busters”, received great acclaims from Bon Appétit, Jezebel, Atlanta Magazine and Zagat reviews. Sheri is on the Chef Board for Whole Foods and donates cooking instructions and food for the community of Atlanta. Chef Sheri Davis resides in Grant Park with her husband, Vando, their two boys, Vando and Dioné, and dog, JoJo.

Chef Sheri prepared:

  • Free Form Lasagna with Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops, and Arugula Sauce
  • Rosemary Popcorn

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Free Form Lasagna with Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops, and Arugula Sauce

(Serves 4)

  • 2 Whole Cooked Lobsters
  • 12 Fresh Scallops with the mussel removed
  • 16 Peeled and De-veined Fresh Shrimp
  • 8 Fresh Pasta Sheets, Cut 2” x 4”
  • 1 Tomato Diced
  • 4 tbs. Chopped Chives
  • Mache Greens for Garnish


Take the whole cooked lobsters and break down the claws and tail; taking all the shell off. Slice the tail meat in half, then half again. Clean the cartilage out of the claws. Place on large plate for seasoning. Place the shrimp and scallops on to the plate. Season the seafood with fine sea salt and fresh ground white pepper. Heat a sauté pan to a very hot temperature and add oil. Start by searing the scallops, then the shrimp and the cooked lobster. Cook until scallops and shrimp are golden. When seafood is almost finish, add diced tomatoes, chives and lobster sauce. Cook until sauce is just heated. Cook the pasta sheets for 1 — 1 ½ minutes in boiling salted water. Place the arugula sauce on the plates. Place a pasta sheet down and build up with the seafood and other piece of pasta. Each plate should consist of 2 pieces of pasta, 3 scallops, 4 shrimp and ½ lobster. Garnish the top with sauce and a salad of mache with extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy!

Lobster Sauce

  • 2 Cups Reduced Lobster Stock
  • 8 Slow Roasted Tomatoes Halves
  • ¼ Cup Heated Heavy Cream
  • 3 tbs. Cold Butter


Heat the reduced lobster stock with slow roasted tomatoes to a boil. Ladle some stock and tomatoes into a blender pitcher, about half full. Blend, being very careful with the hot compression, always hold a towel over the top to prevent any splattering. Slowly add the heavy cream and butter, until the sauce is blended together. Finish blending the other half of the sauce and strain it thru a chinois. Put aside.

Saffron Pasta

  • 1 tsp. saffron
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup durum wheat flour
  • 1 cup semolina wheat flour
  • 1 egg
  • pinch salt


Bring water to a boil and add saffron. Let steep 5 minutes. Combine flours and egg in bowl of a stand mixer and beat. Add the saffron water to make a dough that just begins to hold together. Remove the dough from the mixer and continue to knead by hand to incorporate all the flour. When the dough makes a cohesive mass, sprinkle a little semolina flour on a flat surface and roll out dough to desired thinness and thin enough to go through your pasta machine.

Arugula Sauce

  • 1 Large Handful of Fresh Arugula
  • ½ cup of Heated Heavy Cream
  • 2 oz. Hot Water


Bring salted water up to a rapid boil. Place arugula in to boiling water for 15-30 seconds. Remove from boiling water and place arugula into an iced water bath to stop all cooking. Gently squeeze excess water out of the arugula and place in a blender pitcher. Add hot water. Blend slowly and add the warm cream. Blend until smooth. Pass ingredients through a chinois.

Rosemary Popcorn

Serves 4-6)

  • 2 cups 75% - 25% Olive Oil Blend
  • 1 cup Yellow Popcorn
  • 10 Large Sprigs Fresh Rosemary
  • 2 tbs. Roasted Pine nuts
  • Sea Salt


Warm the oil in a sauce pot on low heat. Add nine large sprigs of rosemary. Season with fine sea salt and set aside. Steep the rosemary oil for 2 hours. Add enough popcorn to cover the bottom of a gallon sauce pot—approximately 2/3 cup. Use enough Rosemary oil just to coat the popcorn—about 1/3 cup. Cover with a lid, place on high heat and start popping. When popping slows down, turn heat off and let rest for one minute or until popping stops. Pour into a large bowl, with the help from a pair of tongs. Season with fine sea salt, toss, season again. Place in smaller bowls and garnish with sprigs of rosemary and pine nuts. Serve immediately. Extra oil can be left at room temperature or sealed tightly in the fridge for next time. Other suggested seasonings for popcorn are: parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper, granulated garlic.