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Four New Sportswear Innovations At Rio 2016 Olympics

How are Olympic athletes protecting themselves from Zika and Rio's polluted waters? PBS NewsHour looks at the four new special uniforms and athletic wear that have Zika-, bacteria- and water-proof qualities. 

Water-Repellant Sailing Suits

The Australian sailing team is wearing a new fabric called "Avlare." It is a quarter of the weight of wet spandex and is water repellant. The goal is to help protect athletes from Rio de Janeiro's polluted waters. 

'Zika-Proof' Uniforms

South Korean designers wanted to protect their athletes from exposure to Zika. Team uniforms are infused with mosquito repellant and feature long sleeves and pants. However, the same approach cannot be used with competition uniforms because repellant-infused fabrics are prohibited in competition. 

Speedo 2.0

Speedo did a full redesign for their swimsuits int he Rio games. The new "LZR X" compresses certain muscle groups to increase performance efficiency. The kits also include head-molded swim caps and streamlined goggles to reduce drag. 

Fighting Microbes

The U.S. rowing team trained in unisuits knit together with an anti-microbial serum, which is mean to ward off bacteria and virus in Rio's waters. Nigeria's Chierika Ukogu is competing in the anti-microbial suit.


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