Matching Contributions

Thank you for your pledge of support. Your donation to Public Broadcasting Atlanta makes a significant statement about how you value the service and programming we provide.

Hundreds of companies in and around Atlanta also realize the importance of giving back to the community and are getting involved by matching their employees’ donations to our organization.

By asking your employer to back your commitment, you are making your contribution even more meaningful and increasing its impact for the stations.

Here are the companies that have said they will match their employees’ contributions to WABE and PBA 30. It’s a simple process. Ask your human resources office for a matching gift form, complete your part, and send it to us at 740 Bismark Road, Atlanta, GA 30324. You may need our EIN 58-2126423. We’ll do the rest.

Our list is being updated continually. If you do not see your organization listed here, please take the time to see if there is a matching gift program where you work. It will make your dollars go further — and best of all — it will ensure that WABE and PBA 30 have a sturdy foundation today and momentum for the future. Click here for a list of companies that support matching contributions »

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