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Georgia: The State of Invention

Scientists at Georgia’s universities contribute so much to our state. They attract hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants each year, advance fields of knowledge, and invent products and medicines that propel the launch of new companies.

This doesn’t happen by accident. Georgia’s public and private universities work to recruit top researchers from around the country and world. In this effort, the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) has been a crucial ally – not only in bringing brilliant scientists to our state, but in expanding university research capacity and investing money and expertise in start-up enterprises.

In GRA, Georgia has a different kind of economic development strategy. While it’s important to recruit new companies to the state, we must also grow our own enterprises from the bottom up. GRA’s work has led to the launch of hundreds of companies out of university labs, which have added thousands of high-value jobs that represent the workforce of tomorrow.

GRA was created 25 years ago when leaders in business, government and academia got together to develop a strategy for expanding research and encouraging Georgia’s universities to work together. Since then, the organization has become a major success story for Georgia – so much so, that other states have replicated GRA’s model.

To get an idea of the university breakthroughs emerging with GRA’s support – and to hear why top leaders get behind GRA – check out the videos below. And sign up to receive future breakthrough updates by visiting GRA’s website.



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