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The Flying Biscuit RecipeGet the step-by-step recipe to The Flying BIscuit Cafe's famous biscuits. >>

Join PBA30 In A New Cooking Adventure

Celebrate food – how to cook, what to cook and where to eat –  with PBA30! Preview the new cooking shows airing weekdays from 12 to 1 p.m., like "America’s Test Kitchen" and "Sara’s Weeknight Meals," and discover recipes from favorite local restaurants like The Flying Biscuit and South City Kitchen. 

Recipes from PBA30 and WABE 90.1 Hosts

PBA30 host Alicia Steele shares the recipe to her favorite Spanish dish, her father's paella. 

WABE 90.1 "City Lights" host Erin Wright recalls a sweet treat that reminds her about her time abroad.

For WABE 90.1 “Closer Look” host Jim Burress, a special boozy dessert brings back memories of home state.

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