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Chihuly Outside

Covering nearly half a century of Dale Chihuly’s work, "Chihuly Outside" documents his career as an installation artist, in particular his work done out in the landscape. The film begins with Chihuly’s early experiments with floating glass on water and using ice and neon in large-scale installations, as well as projects done at Artpark in upstate New York. It culminates with Chihuly’s decade-long cycle of exhibitions at 12 preeminent gardens. This in-depth documentary encompasses one of the most vital and long-lasting aspects of Chihuly’s career, with interviews by Kiki Smith, Barbara Rose and Chihuly, among others, which places this work within the broader context of contemporary art. What emerges is a portrait of an artist who is continually searching for new possibilities and innovative ways in which his art can respond to natural spaces and glass can be used to move, provoke, and inspire.


$60 contribution: "Chihuly in the Garden" Installation Notecards

$120 contribution: "Chihuly Outside" DVD

$168 contribution: Chihuly DVD, Notecards, plus Chihuly in Jerusalem booklet

$330 contribution: "Chihuly On Paper" 3 book set: Autographed by Dale Chihuly using paint (very rare) - PBA30 EXCLUSIVE

$530 contribution: Chihuly Limited Edition, Numbered Pendleton Blanket design No. 12

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