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Life Stories: True Tales from Carapace

Carapace is a monthly storytelling event in Atlanta where ordinary people tell true, personal stories to a live audience. The event features a new theme each month that storytellers must follow, but it always stays true to its premise: “Everyone has a story. Come out of your shell.” Or, rather, their carapace.

Visit PBA’s arts and culture website Atlanta PlanIt for more information about live Carapace events, which take place on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Manuel’s Tavern.

Interested in telling your tale on Life Stories? Then come to Manuel's Taven in Atlanta and throw your name into the hat at Carapace. Storytellers have 5-7 minutes to tell their tale, and shorter stories have a better chance of making it onto PBA30's TV program. 

For a better story, Carapace veterans suggest:

- Set the stakes right away and hold the suspense with the audience;
- Tell the truth as you know it, even if other people may have different versions;
- Don't worry about being the hero in your story - let the story be as rich and complicated as reality;
- Limit the theatrics and the audience will trust you more;
- Practice!
- Know your last line.

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Life Stories: True Tales from Carapace