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Run For Your Lives 5K

“Run For Your Lives” debuted in October 2011 in Maryland. A pair of friends, Derrick Smith and Ryan Hogan, wanted to combine an obstacle course race with popularity of zombie movies and television shows like “The Walking Dead.” The result is a one of its kind 5K.

After the initial race in Maryland, “Run For Your Lives” kicked off their first full season of races in March 2012 in Union Point, GA. The rules are simple. Each runner wears a belt with three detachable flags. They must traverse a course littered not only with obstacles, but “zombies” looking to pull their flags. The goal is to finish the race with at least one flag remaining. If you succeed you are a “survivor.”

People can choose to sign up as a runner, zombie, or participate as both. Zombies arrive several hours prior to their shift for a professional makeup session. A team of make-up artists turn each mild-mannered human into a bloodthirsty zombie straight out of the movies. 

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