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Model Trains – The Piedmont Division

It requires skill, planning and a lot of patience. Model railroading is a popular hobby where enthusiasts build miniature 3D layouts that include a railroad network, often recreating a specific location or moment in time.

While some modelers use pre-designed kits, many build elements of their layouts entirely from scratch. Layouts often take years to build, and large layouts can take decades. Hobbyists enjoy the meticulous detail needed to create their own miniature world complete with buildings, people and a fully functional rail transportation system.

Many hobbyists also participate in operating sessions. A session usually consists of 6-12 people getting together to operate a layout as a real railway. It’s a great way to meet other modelers, exchange ideas and see a train layout in action.

The Piedmont Division is a regional model railroad club with over 400 members. Along with monthly open houses, each year the club holds a “Piedmont Pilgrimage.” The general public is invited to visit over 90 home layouts during the two month-long event.

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