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“G’Day Mate! Can you point me in the direction of the nearest kangaroo farm?” What a strange question to ask someone living in metro Atlanta.

Actually, the question isn’t strange at all. Approximately 60 miles north of Atlanta at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Dawsonville, Georgia is the Kangaroo Conservation Center - home to the largest collection of kangaroos outside of Australia.

If you’d like a close encounter with a kangaroo, you may want to consider a visit to the Kangaroo Conservation Center. Visitors can experience a “safari-like” tour where they get up close and personal with these marsupials and other animals native to the Australian outback while learning various aspects of kangaroo behavior and animal husbandry techniques. Tours are restricted to adults and older children (ages 8 or above or in 2nd grade) due to insurance. Tours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday through July; call for times and later schedules. Reservations are required.

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