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Beep Baseball

In 2010, a group of over 20 players and volunteers formed the Atlanta Eclipse Beep Baseball Team. Beep baseball is an adapted sport for the visually impaired.

The game is played on a normal baseball diamond. Players wear blindfolds to prevent partially sighted players from having an advantage. The ball is an oversized softball that beeps, and the bases are foam columns that make a buzzing sound. There is no second base, only first base and third base.

The entire experience is auditory. The batter and pitcher are on the same team. The batter must listen to the pitched ball and attempt to put it in play.

Once the ball is hit, the batter runs to first or third base depending on which foam column is buzzing. If they reach the base before a blindfolded fielder gains possession of the ball, it’s a run. If the fielder possesses the ball first, it’s an out.

The 2013 Beep Baseball World Series was held in Columbus, GA. It’s the first time the World Series was held in the state of Georgia. 

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